The growx team is at all times a set of magicians, tight-rope walkers and tiger trainers - just what you need to make dreams come true, ward off enemies and storm the castle to capture the gold.
sheetal bahl
Hates his pictures. So offered one of Tso-Kar in Ladakh in which he’s reasonably distant.
Sheetal Bahl • The Maverick
Studied Elec. Engineering at IIT Bombay, films at New York Film Academy, and sound at The New School. Worked in Finance at ICICI, management consulting at Andersen Consulting/ Accenture, and outsourcing research at the Everest Group. Co-founded one of India’s earliest successful dot com firms, and worked with many other start-ups as a consultant, trainer, mentor, and whatever else caught his fancy. Now MD and CEO at growx.

Hold up. Breathe. See what we mean about Maverick?
Notorious for: asking too many questions, speaking faster than a speedboat, flying across the world for U2, and a relentless passion for being passionate.
Best seasons: Characteristically, never to always. Generally the non-serious type, until he’s had a couple. Win-win.
ashish taneja
He’s there in the picture - really. The Unknown.
Ashish Taneja • The Unknown
Chartered Accountant. Consultant at Andersen Consulting / Accenture. Former India CEO of UK’s second-largest BPO firm – Vertex. Now MD at growx.

Those are the facts. The rest we don’t really understand.

On a bad day, there’s no trace of him. On a good day, there’s no trace of him.
Notorious for: We wouldn’t know, would we?
Best seasons: No clue.